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It’s just not cricket – well, actually it is.

I’ve just bought a couple of boxes of old cricket books, to add to my previously empty cricket page. I’ll add them on there as I sort through them. Cheers, Rick

Book? No, Facebook.

If you like this site, please ‘Like’ my new Facebook page

No news is…well, it’s no news

I’ve been quiet, mainly because real life and work keeps getting in the way of my hobby i.e. this web-site. I’m still here though. I’ve got more books than ever – I just haven’t had time to list time on this site!

Come Fly With Me…

…let’s fly, let’s fly away. Apart from plenty of aviation magazines, I also have some books, hence the new Aviation book page, which will fill up a bit in the next few days, time allowing. Cheers, Rick

A A Milne

Unusual items from the classic childrens author. Firstly a set of 4 miniature editions of Winnie-the-Pooh stories published in the 1970s. I’m selling these together as it would a shame to split them up. Cute little things. Also, 2 much larger sheet music books published in the 1920s – 14 Songs from When We Were […]

Mills – A Boon?

Whilst we’re not the greatest lovers of romantic fiction here at Rick’s Book Basement, we cater for all tastes, and so I decided to purchase some Mills and Boon! Not just any old Mills and Boon, but hardback editions from the 1960s and 70s – I bet some of you didn’t even know Mills and […]

Hark the Heraldry

I’ve just obtained a First Edition (undated, thus 1906) of Complete Guide to Heraldry by A.C. Fox Davies. Not in the best condition, but this weighty tome FEELS like a proper old book! It’s on the General Non-Fiction page. Cheers, Rick

We all need a good laugh….

…so check out the new ‘Humour’ page in the Fiction section! Cheers, Rick

Shopping Cart added

I’ve added a shopping cart function, which will direct you to Paypal. This will make ordering much easier for those of you with a Paypal account. You won’t have to contact me or leave your e-mail address etc. However, I have to add the ‘Add to Cart’ button to every item in turn, so please […]

Plays and Travel

They’re coming in too fast, the web-site canna take anymore. I’m struggling to get everything listed before more books come in. Please be patient. I’ve just had some play texts (Pinter, Berkoff), and some travel and language books – including a superb photographic book of Paris, an equally superb book of Amsterdam watercolours and an […]