“Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.” – Josh Billings

I try to keep postage costs to a minimum, by re-using, wherever possible, packaging in which I have received items.
The postage costs will thus usually only be dependent on weight.

Where the ‘Add to Cart’ button is available (UK buyers only), the standard P&P is automatically added. When more than one item is added, the P&P will automatically be calculated based on the combined weight (a nice bit of PHP programming I’m rather proud of).

And yes, I will have weighed every damn book that has ‘Add to Cart’ next to it!

However, if you require international postage, special packaging, or recorded delivery etc, that can be arranged – just don’t use ‘Add to Cart’ – contact us instead.

I base my postage on current Royal Mail prices which can be found here :- Royal Mail Prices pdf

Unless otherwise arranged most books will be sent as Second Class Small Parcels. Very small books will be sent as Second Class Large Letters. Heavier items will be sent as Second Class Medium Parcels.

A typical book will cost £2.75 to send, heavier ones £5.80

I will deliver personally within a limited distance, at a rate of 20p a mile from my post code, B91 2SR. The downside of that is that you may end up meeting me!

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